Managed Security

Build a security program 
that endures and evolves

Proactively safeguard your business data with Managed Cybersecurity Services

It’s only a matter of time before your business becomes a victim of ransomware, phishing, zero-day exploit, man-in-the-middle, and the list goes on and on. Cybercriminals are more sophisticated than ever before. They hold entities ransom, steal data and publicly disseminate sensitive information, ruining your businesses reputation and your brand.

Cyber1 Security bridges security gaps through continuous monitoring of network, endpoint, and cloud activity, backed by 24x7 support by our security operation center (SOC) experts. Our proactive managed security services prevent small threats from evolving into bigger incidents, and reduce the time required to detect, contain, and eradicate problems. We focus on security, so you can focus on your business.


Are you prepared for an incident?

Threats are growing more frequent, the number of endpoints needing to be controlled is rising, budgets are tight and in-house resources devoted to security are at a premium.

Whether you're challenged with staying current on the ever-changing threat landscape, identifying and fighting attacks, or looking to complement your in-house IT staff, Cyber1’s Managed Security Services can help you strengthen your environment quickly and become more resilient over time.

Our comprehensive catalog of flexible Managed Security Services help you protect against advanced threats, diminish your attack surface, identify new risks, and respond to and recover from incidents.

Not sure if cybersecurity advisory services are right for you?

We can help! Here are 4 signs you could use the help of an MSSP:

  • Is your IT staff having a hard time keeping up?
  • Are you dealing with budget constraints?
  • Do you know what data and IT resources your business uses?
  • Is your business having a hard time keeping up with industry standards?
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Battle cyberattacks head-on from beginning to end

Our all-in-one approach to managed cybersecurity offers 24/7/365 monitoring and support, security analysts on staff to address threats and advise on issues, vCISOs who perform business reviews to continually address goals, and a custom toolset combining the best products from industry-leading partners that offer ongoing protection for your daily IT security needs.

icon_clock24/7/365 Security Operations Center
Our team of analysts deliver around-the-clock monitoring, threat analysis, and rapid incident response to identify suspicious activity and stop cybercriminals in their tracks.
icon_cloudSaaS and Security for Cloud-Based Apps
Reduce your organization’s risk as you operate in the cloud. We’ll actively monitor Microsoft 365 and other apps for risks and threats. You’ll receive daily review of account activities and anomalies.
icon_shieldSeamless Endpoint Security
Cyber1 provides unrivaled endpoint protection for customers of all sizes. We’ll stop active threats; investigate origins and minimize harm. Take full advantage of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).
icon_service-maleAll-Encompassing Network Security
Stop threats to your network before they take hold. We’ll provide you with comprehensive SIEM services and monitor your systems 24/7 from our Security Operations Center.
icon_encryptedComprehensive Data Protection
Your clients and employees trust you to protect their data. We employ powerful data loss prevention (DLP) measures and information protection controls to keep data safe and uncompromised. We’ll close gaps in security and leverage technology to grow your business and achieve compliance.
icon_checklistVulnerability and Security Assessments
Gain real insight into your critical systems with a risk-based security posture assessment in hand. We’ll identify ways you can protect and secure your data, cloud, clients, and remote workforce. 

Bridge the gap to 24/7 detection and response